Results orientated we pride ourselves on taking a proactive and comprehensive approach to projects. Involved with every aspect of a transaction from inception through to completion we work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their businesses and needs. Identifying and communicating with all possible acquirers, targets or investors globally, we speak directly with senior decision makers in those organisations regardless of geography or size of group. Only by undertaking such an approach can we maximise the probability for the best deal being achieved. While our approach is comprehensive it is designed to be discreet and ensure confidentiality is maintained which is often an important consideration. Every aspect of a transaction is managed by a member of the senior team. Our experience of executing transactions in most sectors and being involved with ‘real’ businesses results in valuable, practical advice for our clients as well as an innovative approach. As skilled negotiators we achieve the best terms for our clients.

Disposals and Acquisitions

With substantial experience representing owner managers, shareholders and corporates themselves, we have been involved in transactions in a wide range of sectors of varying complexity and size. These have included manufacturing as well as service-based companies and in nearly all cases are cross-border deals. On average we contact in excess of 120 targeted organisations globally when undertaking a disposal process in order to maximise not only a transaction occurring but occurring on the best terms.


We have raised funds of different magnitudes for parties in a variety of circumstances and territories. Constructing robust financial forecasts, valuations and information memorandum are essential and we ensure our clients are prepared accordingly. Proposals to potential investors must be presented correctly first time. Given our experience, we have developed extensive and direct contacts with well-known development banks, specialist lending teams in leading financial institutions, private equity firms and family offices. We focus on acquisition/ buy-out as well as growth/ development capital.

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